“RED SANDAL WOOD” releases on September 8

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“RED SANDAL WOOD” releases on September 8

The film will release in theaters worldwide on September 8. Sri Subbulakshmi Movies K. Ravi releases not only in Tamil Nadu but also in Kerala and Karnataka.


“When the director told this story, he told many incidents that this is a true incident. Many years ago in the villages, the marapachi TOYS used to be given to the children to play with were made from the sheep tree. It contains medicine that can cure cancer. But today we export it and import plastic toys from China. It is a must see film for everyone in the society.” said.


“This film is based on a true incident that happened in 2015. I thought I should speak out against the true incident that affected me. My pain and agony became a screenplay. How are we going to make this story, which actors are we going to use; I was sure about which locations we were going to shoot. We took most of them in forests like Thalikonam and Renikunda. It was difficult to get permission to shoot there. We have made this film after facing many problems. My thanks to the producer who supported me till the end.I am questioning my pain and suffering against political power through this film. I will also tell you the solution for that. This has nothing to do with ‘Pushba’. It is an investigative film. Rasul Pookutty has composed the soundtrack for this film. After he entered this film, ‘Red Sandalwood’ became a big film. It has given me great hope.”

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