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The healthier our body is, the stronger our hair will be. But with changing lifestyles, many people face problems with unhealthy diets. Hair loss occurs whenever there is a health problem. Various products are used in the market to control it. This causes the problem to increase but the hair loss does not stop. Due to dust, pollution, soil and food, hair faces many problems. But for strong hair, there are some tips on what to eat to keep it thick without breakage. We can find out.

What should we eat for hair growth?
Peppermint: Chewing peppermint leaves daily improves hair growth and reduces hair loss.Curry leaves: Include curry leaves powder in your diet daily. It prevents hair fall. You can use curry leaves in oil added to all foods to help keep your hair healthy. coconut; Add two pieces of coconut to your diet daily to prevent hair loss completely.

Adding these with coconut oil will strengthen the hair
Those who apply coconut oil on the head, add hibiscus flower, curry leaves, neem, rose petals to the oil and get good results. Apart from this, boil together hibiscus flowers, Curry leaves, neem leaves, rose petals (panneer rose) in coconut oil and use after in cold conditions then filter it. Use once  prepared  coconut oil only for two months.

Note :The information provided in this article provides general information only. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for correct information
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